Strengthen Your Fitness Motivation: My Interview with Dr. Kim Chronister

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What really fires you up and gets you excited about your fitness? Dr. Kim Chronister is a health psychologist, wellness, and relationship expert. She is the author of the new book, The Psychology Behind Fitness Motivation: A Revolutionary New Program to Lose Weight and Stay Fit for Life. I asked Kim to share 3 key suggestions for mastering fitness motivation. Simply put, motivation is the fuel that drives all people, not just athletes or exercisers, to achieve all their goals. Here is Kim’s response:


1. Visualize: Become visually inspired by following fitness models and trainers on social media, post photos of your ideal body in your office or in the home. Visualize yourself attaining the energy, health, and body of your dreams on a daily basis.

2. Focus on your strengths: It is essential that you remain positive to maintain fitness motivation. Reframe all negative thoughts (i.e. “I don’t have the time”) to more positive thoughts (i.e. “I will make the time because work-outs make me more effective in life and give me the energy and body I desire”). Reframing is a technique used in therapy and it is evidenced-based—it is highly effective in helping people become higher functioning in all areas of life including sticking to a fitness  regimen.  Affirm to yourself your strengths and abilities to obtain and maintain the motivation to work-out for success!

3. Utilize Positive Reinforcement: Frequent rewards are not only well-deserved when setting out on a fitness routine—they are necessary. Give yourself rewards (often). Make sure these rewards don’t sabotage your results.  Some examples of effective rewards for the work-outs you’ve put in are shopping for new clothes, going to the spa, getting a massage, or going to a concert. If you find your motivation beginning to lessen, plan a celebration one to three months in advance for which you can focus and show off your results!

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