Psyched for Punting: My Interview with NFL Punter Will Batson

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Will Batson is an NFL punter, and has played for the Tennessee Titans and the Arizona Cardinals. He understands the importance of winning the mental game for kicking success. He says, “The mental aspect of sports is such huge part of a professional athlete’s success, and most younger athletes aren’t as familiar with this.” So, what are Will’s mental keys for success? Visualization, belief, and emotional-control. He shared with me how he uses these mental keys to peak his performance on the field:

Will+Batson+3OsZU0KqpMqmVisualization: It is important to visualize every single punt and to see myself executing the play properly.  I like to develop a routine and see myself executing that routine.  When I’m going to bed before a game, I visualize all scenarios that could happen in a game, and see myself thriving in those situations.

Belief: The belief aspect is having confidence in my abilities, thinking positive thoughts, and keeping high level of self-motivation.  I set high, realistic goals for myself and have confidence that I will achieve them. Through positive self talk and positive imagery, I am confident I will perform my best.

Emotional-Control: Maintaining control over my emotions is one the biggest keys to being successful.  It’s important to focus on the things I can control and not let other factors, such as weather or a bad kick, affect me.  By having power over my emotions, I am able to better concentrate on each play.

All of these keys are vital in performing my best and being the most consistent athlete possible.

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