Professional Services

My Three-Part Mission as a Consultant:

1. What I do…and why I do it? In sports, business, and life there exists a kind of complacency. My passion as a performance consultant is to challenge the status quo, that “business-as-usual” attitude. On the other hand, there are those performers who think gold and never settle for silver, and who will continue to strive for and reach the highest level. Each of us, however, can and should go for the gold in our own performance domains. All of us can acquire a gold-medal mindset – a crucial component for success in all endeavors. Well-trained, disciplined action can make solid change in our lives. Why allow yourself to be merely average?

2. How do I work to help you? People need to be serious about making solid change. I teach the best and latest mental skills and strategies available, and share insights gained from my own extensive professional experience in sports and counseling through working with world-class performers. You and I will work collaboratively to achieve the best results by: (a) identifying your goals, strengths, and growth edges; (b) creating a bold mental game plan on which to confidently move forward; (c) unleashing your inner gold medalist – the metaphor for excellence that I develop in my individual and team programs. Why settle for anything less?

3. What is the end result? My primary directive is to help you build a foundation for sustained success. Specifically, through understanding how to think, feel, and act like a gold medalist – you will be ready to accomplish your loftiest goals. You will perform at your best level on a more consistent basis. You will feel less stressed and more energized. More frequently, you will enjoy the challenge of the moment, whatever it may be. You’ll be on the fast track to your true and full potential in all areas life – whether sports, business or relationships. Why wait any longer?

Gold-Medal Mind Programs:

Individual Sessions are available for you, whether you are an athlete (junior, collegiate, recreational, professional, or Olympian), coach, or professional in another field (business, law enforcement, performing arts, etc.).

Interactive Workshops are available for your sports team, group, or organization. The two most popular workshops are: 1) Excellence in Leadership, Teamwork, and Communication; 2) Winning Mental Skills and Strategies.